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Acoustic Piano v/s Digital Piano or Keyboard

Before starting your piano lessons, many people will think: “ Should I buy the Acoustic or Digital piano? ” 

This has been a popular question asked since Digital pianos have become increasingly popular, especially due to its cheaper price compared to Acoustic pianos.

Main difference between the Acoustic and Digital Piano

The main difference between the two is the sound produced by them, apart from their appearance. Acoustic pianos produce sound through the soundboard and strings, which are hit by hammers when the keys are pressed. On the other hand, Digital pianos produce sound digitally. They do not have soundboard, strings, or hammers.

Both pianos have their own unique functions which you can look into before choosing the right piano for yourself.

Acoustic Piano (Upright or Grand Pianos)


Acoustic piano produces sound through the interaction between the soundboard, strings and hammers. As such, they produce a sound that is much richer and of better tonal quality as compared to Digital pianos.

Furthermore, the “touch” of the keys often feels better than Digital pianos. Acoustic pianos have the ability to produce a wider range of tones and dynamics as compared to Digital pianos. This is why Acoustic pianos are used more frequently in grand performances due to its better tonal quality and the potential to create dynamics and beautiful harmonies.

Students who are looking to learn Classical Piano and advance to take Graded examinations or are currently using a keyboard or digital piano and are advancing to higher grades soon, should consider investing in an Acoustic piano as the examinations will be conducted on an Acoustic piano at the examination studio. 

Average cost of a good Acoustic Piano = S$3,000+ and above

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Digital Piano

The cost of a Digital piano makes it appealing for people to buy, as the Acoustic piano may be too expensive for some people to afford. Many beginners fear to invest in an expensive Acoustic piano, as they are afraid they will give up and waste the money on the piano. Thus, Digital pianos can be a better choice in the beginning of your piano journey before deciding if you are really interested to continue your interest for piano. 

It is also an alternative if you have space constraints at home or if you are just taking Leisure Lessons. A Digital piano is much smaller and lighter as compared to the Acoustic piano. This makes the piano portable to move around easily, and it does not take up much space in the house too. 

Besides the size and price, Digital piano has functions that are interesting and useful. For instance, there is music-recording function, and it is also fun to create your own music as they have buttons to make the piano sound like other instruments. Some Digital pianos even have built-in metronomes to aid in your rhythm.

Beginners with a tighter budget can consider the Digital piano first. Besides its cheaper price, extra expenses like tuning the piano can be saved, as tuning is not needed for Digital piano.

Average cost of a good Digital Piano = S$800 and above

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Portable Keyboards

Similar to a Digital Piano, the cost of a Portable Keyboard is also cheaper than getting an Acoustic Piano. Beginners with a tight budget can consider a Portable Keyboard as well. You will be able to benefit from its music-recording function and it is also fun to create your own music as they have buttons to make the piano sound like other instruments. 

A Portable Keyboard is also great for not only beginners but also advanced players who wish to transport their instrument for live performances. 

However, do not that for Digital Keyboards and Portable Keyboards, not all of the models have the same number of keys as an Acoustic Piano. The key range may be smaller. 

Average cost of a good Portable Keyboard = S$250 and above

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In conclusion, the above pianos have their pros and cons, and the choice ultimately depends on what your objectives are. Are you seeking to learn the piano leisurely or professionally? Will you be looking to take music examinations? There are also minor considerations like your budget, amount of space at home. Once you have identified your objectives, choosing the type of piano will be much easier.

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