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The World's First Travelling Music School

Looking for some entertainment in your company? 

We have been offering corporate music lessons in companies since 2010.

TravelClef is the world's first music school providing music lessons in corporate offices, with the aim of promoting workplace wellness. Having worked with many corporate organisations, our uniquely crafted music programmes have also proven to bring teams closer together, improving collaboration and communication.


Over 40 companies and  2000 employees have experienced our programmes. We believe that creating a positive environment will result in a workplace filled with happiness, creativity and productivity. 


Transform your workplace and liven it up with music today! This is the time where you can interact with your colleagues and jam some music with your bosses!

What We Offer?

Corporate Lessons

  • Ukulele Lessons (Beginner)
  • Ukulele Lessons (Intermediate)
  • Ukulele Lessons (Advanced)

  • Guitar Lessons (Beginner)
  • Guitar Lessons (Intermediate)
  • Guitar Lessons (Advanced)

  • Keyboard Lessons (Beginner)
  • Keyboard Lessons (Intermediate)
  • Keyboard Lessons (Advanced)

  • Cajon Drum Lessons (Beginner)
  • Cajon Drum Lessons (Intermediate)
  •  Cajon Drum Lessons (Advanced)

Team Building with Music

  •  3 Hour Introduction to Ukulele Workshop

  • Team Building with Music (Half Day)

  • Team Building with Music (Full Day)

  • Cajon drum lessons

Other Services

  • Wedding Dedication Preparation
  • Mobile Dedication (First in Singapore)

We offer a myriad of music lessons, including our very own Team Building Music with Music Programme!
Visit our website at for more information!

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