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Maintenance of Acoustic Piano

Though the piano might look sturdy and strong, it can gradually be damaged externally and internally if you do not take care and maintain it.

The question is, how do you maintain the piano?

Tuning of the Piano

First, maintenance of the piano keys is the main key to preserve your piano in good working condition. Maintaining the keys would mean to tune your piano once in a while to make sure your piano is always in tune for playing.

Tuning of the piano regularly is essential to prevent damage of the other piano parts internally as the string tension in the piano is correct and constant. Incorrect string tension can cause the breakage of the strings and other essential parts, causing more complex problems for the piano.

Cleaning of the Piano

The most basic work to maintain your piano is to clean your piano frequently, especially the piano finish and the keys. Cleaning of the piano helps to remove dust build-up on the piano, smudges and fingerprints found on the piano. This is important especially to preserve the value of your piano, allowing it to be in good condition even after many years.

Humidity of the Piano Environment

The humidity of the piano environment is very important, as extremes temperatures are harmful to the piano. Extreme dry environment can loosen the glue joints holding hold soundboard and other wood parts of the piano while extreme moist environment will case the string to rust and lead to string damage eventually.

To make sure your piano is maintained in a good condition, one must make sure the humidity of the piano environment is always kept constant; not too dry or wet. The temperature should be kept at around 68 degrees F.

As the temperature might not be always at its optimum, an air conditioner, humidifier or dehumidifier can be used to adjust the temperature.

Full Service of Piano

Besides taking care and maintaining the piano by yourself, piano full servicing is required at least 2 to 4 times a year to make sure the piano sound good and the internal parts of the piano (which we might neglect) is still working well.

Play the piano regularly

Lastly, it is important to play your piano regularly as this helps you in checking if the piano is in tune or not. By checking and identifying the problems earlier, it is less a hassle to fix it back to place.

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