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Common Mistakes when Learning the Piano

There are some mistakes beginners may make when learning the piano. It is good to identify these mistakes so that your piano learning will progress much faster :)

Incorrect sitting position

This is a common problem in some beginning pianists, as they might not get used to the correct sitting position for playing the piano.

Correct sitting position is very important as it helps you play comfortably with no tension.

Irregular practices

Regular practices are an important practice tip if you want to improve on your piano learning.

Regular practices not only allow your brain to remember the piano skills constantly but also allow your hands to get used to the keys and they will get better after every practice.

Irregular practices will only make your piano learning remain stagnant, as you might have to keep repeating what you learn previously because you might already forgotten about it.

Practicing the skills you already mastered

Many beginners like practicing what they are very good or familiar in and feel good with their progress in perfecting that particular skill.

However, they will only make progress with the familiar skills. There are many more challenging skills out there to play the piano. To progress even more with your piano learning, it is good to explore and master other different skills.

Incorrect fingering

Normally, there is specific fingering to be followed when you play on the piano. Incorrect fingering does produce the same music, but it might be actually be more difficult and uncomfortable to play on the piano.

Practicing too fast

Practicing too fast prevents you from identifying your mistakes in your piano skills.

It is important to go slow first so that you can hear every note properly so as to identify the weak spots and practice more on them.

Keep looking at your hands when playing

It is advisable to learn not to look at your hands too much when you play. This might cause mistakes when playing a song, as you are unable to concentrate on the music sheet.

It is difficult to master that from the start, regular practices therefore play an important role to master that skill.

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