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Benefits of Learning Piano for Children

Learning the piano is beneficial to children in many ways. As a whole, learning the piano actually cultivates many characteristics that are beneficial in their childhood or even when they grow up to work.

Improves Physical Skills

An individual’s hand-eye coordination and motor skills can be developed and strengthened from young through learning and playing the piano.

This is so as playing the piano requires one to use your eyes and hands simultaneously. The eyes are used to read the scores and hands to play on the piano at the same time. The child will also strengthened his/her coordination between their left and right hand, as both hands are required to be played at the same time to produce a melody or harmony.

These improved physical skills benefits children in their daily lives through improving their efficiency in performing different tasks, and increasing their nimbleness and agility as a whole. This actually helps to strengthen their agility in playing other sports too.

Improves Academic Skills

Learning the piano actually allows the children to understand better in some subjects, especially maths and science.

This is so as learning the piano involves understanding beats, rhythm, and scales in music. Understanding these allows them to know more about division, fractions and patterns. This helped to enhance their learning in their school, especially for maths.

Helps Children to Concentrate

It is often difficult to concentrate, especially for children, as they are more active and playful.

Learning the piano actually helps them to improve their concentration, as it requires them to keep focus when playing and interpreting the notes and rhythms. Interpreting the notes and rhythms will also ignite the creativity in them to which how they will translate the notes on their piano.

This is beneficial as they learn how to put their concentration skill on their studies. This skill is also essential in their later life where they might need greater concentration to work on some complex task or project.

Develops Discipline and Patience

Through learning the piano, the child will learn that patience is needed to master the different skills, and the patience cultivated in them from young will teach them not to give up easily when they encounter a difficult task next time.

Self Discipline is vital for individuals to concentrate on playing the piano. Through learning the piano, the children will need to learn to be disciplined in doing their own self-practice. Discipline is important in many aspects of life, and discipline can bring individuals to greater heights in their performance in school or at work.

Boosts Self Esteem

Mastering the different skills on the piano will boost the self-esteem of the children, as they know that the hard work they put in has paid off.

This helps to boost their confidence, and allows them to think positively when they face difficult problems or tasks. It is an important to have confidence from young so that they will not be easily discouraged when they face difficulties. A positive mindset is very important to be instilled in their mind from young.

Besides being beneficial to the children, piano learning is also very beneficial to the adults! Besides the above benefits, playing the piano is actually stress relieving as it takes you off the workload to relax and enjoy the music.

If you or your child is keen to learn the piano and is looking for a Singapore Piano Teacher, our agency is most happy to help you find one through our our Student-to-Piano Teacher matching service that is free of charge!

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