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Proper Piano Playing Position

It is important to make sure you are playing the piano in the correct manner or else it will not only affect your piano playing, but may cause aches or even injuries.

To make sure you are playing the piano in the proper way, you have to always take note that your body position and structure is correct.

1) Proper Way to Sit on the Bench

To start off, the proper way to sit on the bench is to sit on the middle of the bench, with your legs leaning forward of the bench. There should be nothing beneath your legs. This posture enables your back to be straightened.

2) Height of the Bench

The bench should be around the height where your hips are the same level or slightly above your knees.

3) Distance between the Bench and the Piano

The distance between them should not be too far away. It is important that you can reach the keys in a relax manner rather than stretching your elbow too much just to play the keys.

4) Position of your Feet

Your feet should be positioned below or in front of your knees slightly. This position prevents your body from falling forward as the position help to support both your feet and legs.

Incorrect position of the feet will cause you not to be able to move and breathe freely, thus will cause tension when you are playing.

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