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Arrangements can be made for lessons to be held at the comfort of your own home. However, if you are not ready to invest in a piano / keyboard, we will also be able to shortlist teachers living within your area so that it is convenient for you to travel to their home studios for lessons :)

 Rates per lesson 
(Grade 8 qualified teachers)
(diploma / degree QUALIFIED TEACHERS)
 Music Appreciation / Beginner Level
 30 - 45 min
$30 - 35
$40 - 45
 Grade 1 - 3
45 min
$40 - 45
$45 - 50
 Grade 4 - 5
1 hour
$45 - 55
$50 - 60 
 Grade 6 - 7
1 hour
$60 and above
 Grade 8
1 hour
$70 and above
 Diploma Level
1 hour
$85 and above 


Lessons are open to students of all ages.

Above are the market rates for Private Graded Piano Lessons in Singapore. Piano Teachers will cover both Practical and Theory components during the duration of the lessons for Grade 1 - 5. 

Most teachers would not be able to cover the theory component during the 1 hour duration for Upper Grade levels 6 - 8 but arrangements can be made to extend the lesson duration. 

The rates of the lessons are dependent on the qualifications and experience of the teacher. For Grade 6 levels and above, we only recommend Diploma teachers as they will be more qualified and would know the expectations required in the syllabus better. 


SG Piano Music Agency also provides leisure lessons to help you fulfil your childhood dream of playing the piano, or to serenade the girl / guy of your dreams. 

 rates per lesson
1 hour
 $40 - 50
 No knowledge at all
1 hour 
$45 - 50
 Has basic knowledge reading chords and scores
  1 hour
  $55 and above
 Can read scores relatively well but unable to figure out chords and understanding the theory behind chords. In this course, you will be trained to "play-by-ear" and to improvise.


Above are the market rates for Private Leisure Piano Lessons. The rates of the lessons are dependent on the skills and the experience of the teacher.

At SG Piano Music Agency, our friendly agents will help students find teachers regardless of their budget!

So what are you waiting for?

GIVE US A CALL OR TEXT at 8717-2113 to enquire more about Private Piano Lessons here in Singapore. 

Alternatively, fill in a CONTACT FORM and we will contact you within 12 hours!

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