SG Piano Music Agency

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Testimonials from Parents / Students
about our Great Service

- Feedback from Trev on our great service.

"I think what is good about this agency is that they do not charge an admin fee. Also, I just need to pay the teacher for the lessons, it is fuss-free and not so troublesome. The teacher they recommended was reliable and the agency found a teacher for me within 24 hours. So I feel their service is good!

- Jayden Tan  

"I found out about SG Piano Music Agency via the internet and am pleased with the service I have gotten from them. The person from the agency whom I liaised with was very helpful in finding me a suitable teacher for my child. 

Thank you very much and I will definitely recommend you to my other friends who are looking for piano teachers."

- Mrs Amy Lim

"I have always wanted to learn the piano since I was a child but didn't have the chance to do so. So now that I'm married and my children are all working, I decided to get a piano and looked for a piano teacher via SG Piano Music Agency. 

The agency shortlisted some teachers for me to choose from and I have been taught by Ms Ng for the past 2 years. I am happy that finally I can play the instrument I always wanted to learn since I was young. Thank you to Jamie and the agency for your help!"

- Mrs Ng H.L

- Feedback from Karlyn on our excellent service

- Feedback from Parent Carol about our great service

Testimonials from Parents / Students 
about our Recommended Teachers

- Feedback from Mrs Briani about Teacher Ashley

- Feedback from Parent Manju about Teacher Ms Wong

- Feedback from Parent Jane McGennisken about 
Teacher Ms Wang

- Feedback from Bryan about Teacher Stephen

- Feedback from Mr. Singh about Teacher Susan

- Feedback from Parent Shermine about Teacher Cheryl

- Feedback from Pooja about Teacher Shawn

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