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Basic Tips when buying Acoustic Piano

Many piano beginners may feel lost and confused when purchasing an acoustic piano. This is because there are many different types of pianos that vary in price, size, styles, etc. Moreover, buying an acoustic piano is a major investment, thus it is very important to choose the piano carefully.

Unlike instruments like the violin or guitar, it is recommendable for beginners to get a good new acoustic piano instead of the cheaper, second handed ones. This is so as newer pianos play and sound better in tune, thus beginners will feel more motivated to play music. Older pianos might not sound as nice, thus it might demotivate beginners to want to learn music on the piano.

Furthermore, as mentioned above that an acoustic  piano is a major investment, a good and durable piano is a better choice, as its lifespan is so much longer than cheaper ones. However, it is good to have a budget in mind when purchasing the piano so you would not overspend. :)

Besides setting a budget, other important factors such as the size, type, touch of the piano should be taken into consideration.

Size of Piano

The size of the piano is an important consideration, as you would not want your piano to be too big to squeeze into your room. Thus, it is vital to take your room measurements before selecting your piano. Normally the size of the piano depends on the type of piano too.

Types of Piano

The two main types of piano are the Grand and Vertical pianos. The most common type of Vertical piano is the Studio Upright. Normally, the size of the Grand piano is the largest, ranging from 5 feet to 9 feet while the Upright piano range from 36 to 51 inches in height.

A good question next is how does one choose among the different types of piano? The different types of piano have their own unique tone and sound. When buying a piano, it is advisable to hear the sound and tone of the different pianos to see if you like it. You will notice different piano produces different sound, which may be brilliant, mellow, loud, or soft.

Grand pianos are normally considered the more professional piano compared to Vertical pianos. This is so as Grand pianos produce a much powerful and louder sound compared to Vertical pianos, and it is also more responsive than Vertical pianos. The price of the Grand piano is of course more expensive than the Vertical piano. It is good to buy the Grand piano if you can afford it and your house/room has enough space to place it.

For beginners with a tighter budget but want amore professional piano, y Upright pianos are a good choice to choose. Some larger better quality uprights actually have equal or better tone quality than many smaller Grand pianos.

Touch of the Piano

Besides the sound and tone quality of the different types of piano, the feel of the keys is also taken into consideration. The touch of the piano differs for different brands. Some brands have keys that are stiffer to press on. Beginners can try the different piano brands to see if the piano touch feels good.

Taking into the considerations the factors as mentioned above, it is good to ask the people in the shop to recommend you different pianos that will match the size you want, the tone quality and touch feel you are comfortable with, and especially your budget. It is also good to bring your experienced pianist friend or teacher to give you more opinions and advices.

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