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Tips to learn The Piano

If you have just started to learn piano and not sure how to go about to master the skills, these tips are here to ensure you a good head start in your piano journey.

Practice Consistently

Practice is always the main key in mastering any skills. Especially for piano, practice is essential to master the challenging techniques involved, and to improve the flexibility and coordination of your fingers to progress faster in the learning journey. It will be good to have consistent practice everyday so that your fingers will get used to playing piano much faster.

Focused Attention

To make the best use of your piano lesson or your practice session, it is important to keep focused and avoid any distractions like the computer or television. Focused concentration in learning allows one to learn and practice much efficiently, which allows the learning of piano to have better progress.

Preparation before Lesson

Before your piano lessons, it is advisable to read through the notes given by your teacher so you can understand better when the lesson start. Sometimes, it might be complicated to catch up what your teacher is teaching if you don’t read your notes. Reading the notes before lesson aids in your progress in your piano lesson.

Do not be impatient and rush into difficult techniques

Some beginners might rush to challenge difficult techniques but fail in doing so. It is good that you want to try those challenges, but beginners must remember that the fundamental basics is most important to master first as it will be very helpful when you progress to try out other more difficult techniques. One must have the patience to perfect the basics first.

Listen to a variety of musical styles

To be able to learn piano more efficiently, you not only have to keep practicing. You have to also start learning how to hear the rhythm, chords, beats etc. in any music. This helps you in learning the music patterns and might aid in developing your own music pattern.

Keep asking when in doubt

Do not pile up your questions in playing the piano, as it will impede your progress in learning. If you are faced with any problem, ask your piano teacher or any other experienced pianists.

Have persistence and enjoy!

Finally, enjoy every piano experience! Enjoy the process and your success in any of the piano skills! Do not be discouraged if you feel you are not progressing. Learning piano is a slow progress but your persistence will be paid off!

If you are keen to learn the piano and looking for a Singapore piano teacher, our agency is most happy to help you to find one through our Student-to-Violin Teacher matching service that is free of charge!

Feel free to contact us ! :)

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